Photography by Paul Cincotta

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Create The Light

A Profoto Australia promotion with one of the initial units in the country. A first shoot using the magnificent Profoto B1 off camera flash on the Great Barrier Reef. Create the light, Once you try it, it changes everything.


Once you try it, it changes everything.


Compact and cordless solutions with TTL

Off-camera flashes are not speedlights and they are not monolights. They are a new kind of flash, combining the best of both worlds. Profoto's off-camera flashes are distinguished by their revolutionising TTL technology, cordless convenience and powerful light. Put together, these features bring a whole new way of shooting.

“With its built in reflector the Profoto B1 AIR TTL allows me to go from direct light to shaped light simply by adding any of the Profoto light shaping tools. Without wires.

And with 500 Ws of light controlled from my camera via the Profoto AIR TTL remote, I now rule the sun... on earth at least.”
— Paul Cincotta APP M.Photog