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Your Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions: Answered!

Is my wedding date available?

Without doubt the first thing we need establish is whether I have availability to service your wedding.  Many clients book years in advance so we encourage you to book as early as possible so as to avoid disappointment. Please contact us to check availability.


How much do you charge?

This is clearly an important question but one that is dependent on the services you request, therefore I will tailor a quote to your wedding day requirements.


Why don’t you offer packages like every other photographer?

Because my clients don’t always have weddings that are the same as everybody else’s, so I provide a personal quotation based specifically on your special wedding requirements. Factors such as seasons times, which day of the week and where in the world you are celebrating your wedding all need to be factored to give you the best value for our photography.


What is the minimum spend?

For your wedding planning convenience I operate on a first come first serve basis. Meaning when you book your wedding date with us we are not going to refund your deposit at any time just so as we can service a bigger or higher paying job on the same date.  The most popular time to be married in Australia is in spring, when the football season has finished, your flower choices are more often in bloom and the weather is generally at its best being not to hot or to cold. This is one particular time where we have very limited availability and maximum demand and therefore I have a minimum spend during times like these to ensure you are a valued client.


Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding?

Absolutely! This is exactly the reason why you are booking me in the first place as you obviously like what I do and love my style of imagery.  There will be no studio assigned photographer, no bait and switch or last minute switcheroo on the day unless I’m in hospital or worse.


What happens if you are sick, injured or unable to work?

Ok so at this point my world has ended, but it is important to know that your wedding photography will be ok. So depending on how far out from your wedding date the unthinkable should occur the studio staff will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with some alternative arrangements which would include organizing an alternative AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer or providing a full refund and assisting with finding a new photographer in time for the event.


How many weddings have you photographed?

1903! Yes this is certainly quite a few.  Actually it’s a lot in fact.  I have been fortunate enough to photograph weddings every day of the week for the past 10 years within the Whitsunday Island resorts, but have been photographing weddings all around Australia since 1995.


Do you photograph with just natural light?

I prefer to use any light I can to make you shine.  Natural light is amazing when it is doing everything I want it to do but it can also be rather inconsistent or unflattering, so I have no hesitations supplementing existing light with flash or other constant light sources. More often than not the light may not be ideal for locations that you request but by using all types of light, especially flash, I can provide results at any time of day or night for you.


Why should we book you? What makes you any different from other photographer's?

Photography is a very peculiar medium, I truly believe that a camera’s lens sees both ways, or in other words there is always a photographers impression embedded within the image, so its important to know that I love photographing weddings, it’s a passion not simply a job or just a hobby for me regardless of the fact that I do make a living from wedding photography.  I especially want you to have the best experience possible on your wedding day, I feel this is absolutely paramount along with every other time you engage with myself or the staff at imagism Photography.

As one of Australia’s most experienced wedding photographers having photographed more than 1900 weddings over a career of more than 20 years I have photographed more weddings in the rain than most photographers will ever shoot and I look forward to the many challenges that every wedding presents, with a smile!

Over the years I’ve received many awards for my work at state, national, and international level and even been crowned as an international grand award winner at WPPI’s annual wedding photography competition. This is the highest achievement a wedding photographer can receive and is highly coveted.

Most importantly you should like the images I’ve made, otherwise I highly recommend that you find a photographer who’s images you do like, because if you really love my work and importantly if you feel confident and comfortable around me, then you should make a booking as soon as possible to avoid availability disappointment.


How would you describe your style?

Classic Contemporary meets creative. What does that mean? Well I have no problem emulating the look and feel of the wedding genre as dictated by history and time. Classic photos will always hold their place and I will combine these looks with contemporary styles whenever the moment or client dictates.  All the while I am looking to see what is possible beyond these styles for new innovative and creative interpretation so as to push the boundaries of wedding photography.


How many pictures do you take?

Lots, and lots and lots!  Often I make thousands of images, but don’t expect to receive every single one of them.  Here’s why. Part of the reason I make so many images is due to the fact that I photograph people who often blink.  The last thing you want is people in your pictures with their eyes closed unless this is done with intention.  To combat this I will often make bursts of images to ensure your eyes and everybody else’s eyes are captured open.  Closed eyes can be fixed in post production but Id rather capture a genuine image if I can.  Therefore I will end up with many images that are virtually identical and I simply select the best image for your collection.

To be more specific though, you can expect around 50 finished images per contact hour. So for an 8 hour coverage for example you’ll generally find more than 400 photos.  Importantly quantity is the by product of the quality I’m seeking to achieve and I don’t specifically set out to shoot this quantity of images, its simply a statistical average from my past weddings.


How do we know you will select the best images?

Clearly I want you to have the best images possible, it is in everybody’s best interest, but especially my own, as I want you to show all your family and friends your photos and be super proud to show them off so as you’ll refer me in future.

Specifically what I am looking for in the images is expression that tells the story of the events as they unfold and I love images where people are smiling at their happiest.  Occasionally I may get an image that is virtually the same yet an expression may be slightly different and I may feel that both are equally terrific and cant decide which one to choose, so I simply include both images, and pass on the dilemma to you – Sorry!  Trust me it’s a great problem to have, and one that my clients tell me about all the time.

In the past I have had clients request to see every image that I make.  I can comprehend the reasoning behind the question however it is important to understand that curating the images is a very large part of what I do as a photographer and story teller.


Do you do black and white or any special effects treatments?

Yes and sometimes! I love black and white images, they are the quintessential form of an image with pure light defining nothing more than contrast and tone. However it can be difficult to simply discard colour from an image forever and some clients don’t always enjoy an image devoid of colour.

So whilst black and white is a favorite of mine, I do use it sparingly so as to allow you the choice of changing an image to black and white retrospectively.  Occasionally an image may need to be made black and white for technical purposes or I may feel that the image should be presented as black and white, and in these instances I will interpret the black and white as necessary.


Do you post proofs online or supply paper proofs?

For your convenience we supply both! As soon as we have completed the grading process we publish the images to our secure online gallery. This is fundamentally the quickest form of delivery we can provide, however we strongly believe in the tangible printed image so we will also provide a proof book of all the images so as you have a hard copy to easily browse through as well.

We will provide you with a link and password for your online gallery and you can choose to share these with whomever you choose.  We can also reset the password for you at anytime. The gallery will remain online for at least 1 year after your wedding.

The online galleries can be found here:


How long does it take to see our Proofs?

I love this question because even though I provide the answer here you will still ask me this question at the end of the day. And that’s great, because I know you will be very eager to see the results as soon as possible after your amazing experience.  Your proofs will generally be finalised within 4-6 weeks but more often it is sooner than this, in fact we aim to have the secure online proofs ready within a fortnight, but this is not always possible as some factors are outside of our control. If timing is critical or you have media deadlines, a rush service is available, but must be arranged prior to the wedding.

Do you supply the camera files?

No. Unfortunately because of the way the picture files come out of cameras, they are required to be edited into a useable form of an image.  I capture in a camera native format called RAW and then rate, grade and edit the image for colour, density, contrast, tone, saturation, sharpness and overall look in addition to any supplemental editing that an image may require that we deem necessary for our high standards and quality, such as cropping, key stoning or dust spotting for example.  This process is one the significant components of producing your photos and is a major part of the expertise that we bring to the photographs.


Do you supply image files?

Yes. We do supply graded and edited finished images that are ready to be used to your hearts desire.  The images are provided to you in the highest possible camera native resolution we can produce in a JPEG format. The JPEG format is the most universally accepted picture file type in the world and is ideally suited for storage and transfer purposes. We provide the files with absolutely minimal compression, so as you can resize the images for all the many print sizes and mediums.  The files are supplied on USB solid state media and can be “Dropbox’d” as well if this is more convenient for you.


What brand camera do you use?

You must be a photographer yourself!  So here’s a quick challenge.  Choose an image from my website and tell me which brand camera I used to make the picture with…  I’ve used and still use many brands of camera’s including Bronica, Canon, Fujifilm, Mamiya, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sony. All have their pros and cons, none of them are perfect and my choice of gear changes regularly with each assignment, because which camera one uses, only matters when how one uses it.

However I do have one brand that I swear by and that’s Profoto.   Whilst they don’t make cameras they do make some of the best strobe and lighting gear around and their light shaping tools make my life easy, and you look incredible!


Do you have a back up camera just in case something goes wrong with your camera on the day?

When it comes to gear, what is important to know is that I always have back up gear for my back up gear.  So that’s 3 sets of cameras unless we are flying in light aircraft and then I am generally required to minimize my gear due to weight restrictions.  I have experienced many gear failures over the years and am ready for when it happens not if it happens.


What attire do you wear at the wedding?

I usually am dressed in an all black uniform designed to be practical yet formal, whilst allowing me to be as least noticeable as possible, however this can be changed to suit your event dress code as required.  In the past this has ranged from formal black tie right through to casual beach board shorts.  Regardless of your theme choice I am more than happy to comply with your dress code as this can be crucial to the overall outcome of the photographs.

Do you charge overtime?

Not usually as I will have quoted you accordingly in light of your event.  In my experience almost every wedding can go overtime if time is not managed properly or something or somebody gets lost. This is normal at weddings and I am more interested in achieving a result and keeping you happy than knocking off by a certain time. If there is a need to charge or plan for overtime possibilities the fee will be noted on your quote and you will be required to approve the overtime before I provide the service and inherent charge.


How much will extra album pages cost? per side,  per leaf, per spread or per page (i.e. both sides)?

Additional leaves, additional spreads and multiples of 2 additional pages are all the same quantity of addition and cost as all require an additional leaf to added. Please see the rate card for the price of additional leaves for your album.

To confusing?  lets get these terms clarified straight away, a single sheet of paper is defined as a leaf. It always has two sides the front and the back with each side referred to as a page especially once bound in a book or album.  A leaf contains the front side and the back side, effectively providing 2 pages. In a book or album you have will always have 2 pages per leaf, as you cant add a single page with out its reversing side.  Two separate leaves viewed together at the same time, as in the back of a leaf on the left and the front of a leaf on the right is known as a double page spread or “spread”.


What are your payment terms?

All our services are prepaid and we offer a number of payment methods and options for your convenience.

A deposit is required to secure your wedding date, and should you change your mind and choose to cancel, the deposit is only refundable if we secure another booking for the same date. The full balance of our quotes are required at least 1 week prior to your wedding.

Any additional products and services should be paid in full within 7 days from the date of order, with all orders required to be paid in full prior to collection or dispatch.


Can we see images from a wedding that bought something similar to what you are quoting and recommending?

Absolutely, I feel its vital that you do.  In fact I encourage that we get together so you can view my sample proof and album options. I can also provide access to some authorised complete weddings in our online wedding gallery for you.


Do you have any references that I can call or any reviews that I can read?

Yes. If you would like to talk to any past brides, civil celebrants, or reception venues then I can certainly put you in contact with them. I will ask you to complete our wedding enquiry form before passing on these details.   I would also encourage you to read some of my client raves and feedback.


Do you have liability insurance?

Certainly do! We have public liability insurance with up to 10 million dollars coverage and I am more than happy to provide a current certificate of coverage to you or your event vendors.


Is photography your main business? What percentage of your work is composed of weddings?

Yes I am a full time photographer and my business specializes in weddings. The majority of my commissions come from wedding and portrait photography. But I do also accept commercial commissions to keep things interesting in non peak wedding periods.


Have you ever worked at our wedding location or Reception before?

Quite possibly, but hopefully not, as I love the excitement of photographing new venues and exploring the lighting challenges and possibilities.  Importantly if I haven’t photographed at your location I will do some reconnaissance or arrive at least a day prior to get a good understanding of what challenges the location may present.


Do you provide a same day slideshow service?

Yes this can be arranged but is largely dependent on your event schedule and the available location amenities.


Do you offer engagement or pre-wedding photo sessions?

Absolutely. If you would like to have some great portraits of just the two of you in a relaxed, casual and fun environment, ask about an engagement session.  This is a terrific way for us all to get know each other and create some great wall art of just the two of you along the way.


Are you willing to follow a shot list?

Yes, certainly if you would like me to.  Shot list’s are a great way of highlighting the images that are really important to you, and I encourage any form of communication that will assist me in understanding your priorities for your wedding and eliminate many assumptions of what I may or may not photograph on the day.  I also like to insist on a very specific shot list for the formal family and friends images generally captured after the ceremony. This shot list is very helpful in ensuring no important family photos are missed during all the excitement of the wedding celebrations.

Pinterest is also a great way of collecting a visual shot list of images that you love, but hopefully you will have created a shot list mostly from the images you love from my own website as this is the reason why you’re commissioning me and not another photographer.

Its important to understand that shot Lists can also be a hindrance as it may require I chase down a particular image for you at the peril of many other image opportunities which you may not have thought about or considered. So whilst I do encourage shot lists, I will study them especially prior to your wedding, but on the day they will become a suggested guide and reminder only.


Are your quotes the final price? What else will we need to pay extra for?

Your quote will detail specifically all the items that are included, and what exactly you are paying for. Please refer to our rate card for a selection of our popular additional products and services that you may wish to purchase in addition to any prior services rendered.


What payment methods do you offer?

We provide multiple payment options for your convenience and accept all major credit cards, direct bank deposits, paypal and of course cash. Surcharges may apply on some services.

Can we get a copy of the wedding commission or a sample of the contract?

Of course.  Please contact me directly for a copy of the imagism wedding commission agreement. You should know that I do retain copyright of the images, but also provide unrestricted license for all private usage for any images files purchased.


Are you part of any professional associations, or do you have extra training in your field?

Yes I am a Certified Professional Master of Photography, Accredited by the Australian Institute of professional Photography (AIPP) , an Associate Photographer with Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), a member of the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) and am constantly evolving my skills, expertise and inspiration with continued professional development programs including workshops, seminars and professional competitions every year.


How do we secure our wedding booking with you?

Now that’s a great question! If you haven’t obtained a quote for your wedding please enquire now,