Photography by Paul Cincotta

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AIPP Reflections Village Glen Anzac Day Commemoration

I had the privilege of photographing a few dozen second world war veterans as part of the AIPP Reflections project on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula this weekend. Pictured here is Flight Lieutenant Keith. J. Stevens, D.F.M., C.V, Cross of Valour, Cross of Merit, Cross of Independence (Poland), Medal of merit, Diploma of Honour (France), DSC Interallied. And just recently this month was also awarded France’s highest Military Honour Légion d’Honneur (The Medal of Honour)


Understandably after all his action and at the age of 96, Keith has trouble hearing, so asking him to look at the camera was always going to be a little tricky. However as soon as Keith saw the lens he beamed with the biggest smile and lit up the room. Usually I believe the photographer makes the picture but in this case it was all Flight Lieutenant Keith. J. Stevens.


AIPP Reflections Village Glen Anzac Day Commemoration