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BenQ SW2700PT Monitor Review

Following on from my unboxing with the BenQ SW2700PT I am posting my thoughts after a few months of some thorough usage.

In short the BenQ SW2700PT is a no brainer for anyone looking for a great quality Adobe RGB 1998 wide gamut, hardware LUT monitor.

I have been using the BenQ SW2700PT Monitor for a couple of months now and I have been thoroughly impressed.  The build quality is terrific, the hood fit is deliberate and snug and I love the window in the top of the hood for the puck cable.

Having used Eizo monitors that are literally 3 times the price I was skeptical about the color accuracy and the delta E, but the accuracy is there, the gamut is wide enough at 99% and my prints are reproduced identically to what I’m seeing on the screen.

The uniformity across the panel is better than what you would expect from any other average monitor.  I thought it couldn’t be as good as the Eizo's with their uniformity tuning, but in reality it simply hasn’t been an issue.

The on screen display controller is convenient especially in darkened lab environments and sits nicely at the base of the stand, the three display options are customisable, and as I couldn’t find a practical use for the Black and White mode, I chose calibrated, sRGB and Warm sRGB to minimise fatigue whilst reading.

The sd card slot on the left hand side has been redundant for me as it’s tucked in next to another monitor on my desk and is a little tricky for me to access so I have stuck with my USB card reader which also has CF card capacity, but it would be awesome if Benq could integrate the card reader into the OSD controller.

The Palette Master Element software is a lite version adapted for the monitor, but it works, and as a bonus has provided a new lease of life on my i1 Pro Spectrophotometer that i1 inconveniently bricked with their own software a couple of operating systems ago.

For the same price as the significantly more expensive Eizo monitor in the same size, I can buy three Benq SW2700PT’s, so it’s a no brainer if you want accurate colour and print your work.